Sous Vide Precision Cooker


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Cooks Food Evenly- Primo Eats Sous Vide Stick features a powerful pump that keeps liquid temperature throughout the cooking bath uniformly, making sure that individual portions of food cook evenly for perfection in every bite. Our sous vide is the simplest and most delicious way to prepare food and achieve perfect results
Digital LCD Control Display- The sous vide immersion cooker comes with an extra large digital LCD display that lets you control the time and temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit from across the room. Simply attach the screw mount at the edge of the pot, attach the Primo Eats Sous Vide Stick to the mounting, turn the device and set it up according to your needs
Reliable and Accurate – Don’t worry about uneven results our superb exclusive active control thermostat integrates precision temperature settings within +/- 1% degree and the circulation heating water pump keeps the water moving in order to yield a constant temperature and perfect results each time.