The Ultimate Tech Travel Bag

I purchased a DJI Mavic Pro drone and now that the drone is compact, I wanted a backpack that could carry the Mavic Pro along with all of my other gadgets. I have been using a Hobby-Ace travel backpack / carryon bag (review here:, that I used for about a year, but that was because I have the Phantom 3 Advanced, which is quite bulky. With this new OGIO backpack, traveling has become so much easier.

My initial review of the OGIO backpack is that it is extremely durable and it also comes with plenty of pockets for storage of all of your equipment. It really is a must have for the gadget minded travelers.

***Product Information***
–OGIO Renegade Travel Backpack:
–DJI Mavic Pro Drone:
–Sony a6000 Camera:
–DJI Osmo+ Handheld Camera:
–GoPro Hero 5 Black:
–GoPro 3-Way Handle:
–GoPro Hero 4 Silver – $369.99 (link:
–GoPro Hero – $119.99 (link:


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Everything that I store in my OGIO backpack consists of:
–Macbook Pro
–Macbook Charger
–GoPro Hero (x3)
–GoPro sticks (x2)
–JOBY Gorilla Tripod
–GoPro Accessories (wires, battery charges, cases, etc)
–DJI Mavic Pro Drone (w/charger and remote control)
–Sony A6000 Camera
–Sony Lens (x2)
–DJI Osmo+ Camera
–iPad mini (and charging cable)
–Seagate External Hard Drive
–Misc. wires, batteries, glasses

As you can see if fits quite a bit in there. With all of that, there is still some room for a few extra accessories if needed. It’s actually quite comfortable as well. I highly recommend the OGIO Renegade travel bag / drone carryon backpack.

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