Phantom Aquatics Snorkeling Set

Here is a review of the Phantom Aquatics Snorkeling set in which I got through Amazon Prime. I spent a lot of time reading through reviews of a wide variety of products. However, these seemed to be the best ones out there and are a MUST HAVE if you are looking to do some snorkeling on any vacation.

My girlfriend and I were going on a cruise which is why I decided to purchase a pair.   We typically have to use the common gear that are used over and over by different people each day and it just did not seem that sanitary and it would be nice to be able to snorkel at our own leisure.

Overall I feel that this was a great purchase for $45/per set. Only a couple of things that I wanted to point out.

–Sometimes they can hurt the top of your feet if you have them too tight. You may want to get water socks/shoes
–air/water can sometimes leak into the corners of the goggles causing the goggles to fog up and needing to be cleared quite often. It could be the way that I wear them (I wear them as anyone would, but more so meant the exact location/shape of my head maybe?)


***Product Information***
Snorkel Set: $44.99


Videos of the snorkeling gear in use:
–Amiga Island, Labadee Haiti:
–Stingray City / Coral Gardens, Grand Cayman Island:


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